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Whatever job you're looking for, we've got it.

Spectre is a team of educationalists who understand the current needs of schools. With a combined experience of over 40 years, working in the classroom and school leadership, our team will make sure they find the right solution for you. Our personalised approach gives us a greater level of understanding of your requirements and how they can be met. We are educators before anything else and our primary aim is to find solutions that will benefit your institution and the learners who attend.


We strive to improve education around the world and offer the services for this to be achieved.

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We specialise in
  • Recruitment

  • CPD - Leadership Training 

  • Consultancy:-

  • Accreditation Preparation

  • International BTEC Approval

  • Curriculum & Data Management

  • School IT Network Solutions

Our staff are based in London & around the GCC so we are able to reach you wherever you are.

Other Services

We provide training in leadership, curriculum, and assessment. Our leadership training has many aspects from MA qualifications with references to the latest theory and research. This has received a very positive response and give teachers a refreshing opportunity to further develop their own research. 


We also have a course which focuses on supporting middle managers. This gives them the tools they need to organise and communicate effectively with their teams. 

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